Set alongside a remote mountain cliff in Mombin Crochu, Haiti is Mount Covenant Hospital. Dr. O’Neal, a board member of Village Partners International, travels there yearly providing dental care to local villagers.

Our mission is to partner with select impoverished world villages to help them help themselves.

Our destination is reached after a commercial plane trip from Miami to Port-Au-Prince. A smaller airplane is then taken from there to a remote grass landing strip in the city of Pignon. There the team embarks on a 2 hour open bed truck ride alongside the mountain to reach the hospital.

The work being done there in the medical and dental clinic is changing lives and the care within the hospital is ongoing. The people within the community are moving forward, with improvement evident on many levels, as they take ownership and pride in the programs they are involved in.

The Water Project has and will continue to impact lives for the future, long after we have gone.

The Malnutrition Program is impacting lives of the most vulnerable infants and children in the community, contributing life-saving nutrition and support.

The commitment of the doctors and the administration to help these people was evident and their compassion for those who are suffering in their community is a testimony of their faith and strength.

The facility has been upgraded significant work has been done to repair deficiencies in the roof and electrical. Dr. O’Neal was able to perform dental extractions on patients. In addition to this tooth colored restorations were able to be utilized to repair many teeth on local villagers.

A mobile dental clinic was utilized to provide oral hygiene instruction and dental extractions to villagers in remote areas without access to the hospital.

Interacting with the villagers and listening to their respective stories has added such perspective in O’Neal’s own personal life. “These people are not hurried by the day to day keeping up with the Jones’, nor the constant ping or vibration of a cell phone.” There is something to be said about being fully present in any given moment.

Both the medical team and the villagers learn much from each other. The lessons on medical, dental and nutrition are exchanged for lessons on resilience, family unit and compassion for those in need.

Watching a group of people make due with what they have and continuing to share is beautiful to watch.

To get involved, be it time, talents, fundraising or donations : visit villagepartnersinternational.org